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Week 1: May 18-May 22, 2020 

During this first week, experts will be asked to submit contributions in their domain areas, or areas they are more comfortable with. Even if a participant is bringing a perspective that is outside of the life sciences (say for example they are a tech writer), they'll be asked to weigh in on areas that they might know more about from the news, life experiences, or how their field could intersect or inform the domain. Throughout the week, contributions will be reviewed by the Pandemic Supermind Activation team, and thought questions will be periodically submitted to the group to inform dialogue.  

Starting the second half of the week, participants will have the opportunity to support and comment on other contributions of interest. They’ll be asked to highlight the items they think are the most important to come out of the discussion or highlight gaps and areas of opportunity in others' contributions. 


Week 2: May 25-29, 2020  

During this second week, experts will be asked to submit contributions outside of their domain areas. Even if all the sub-topics are within their domain, broadly, they’ll be asked to submit topics in areas they’re less comfortable with. The purpose of this is to assess how thinking and creativity can change based on someone’s perspective on a particular topic. The hope is to fill in any gaps that might come from domain bias.  

As with the first week, participants will have the opportunity to support and comment on other contributions that interest them. 


Week 3: June 1-June 5, 2020 

This last week of discussion will be aimed at exploring what contributions have the most impact in building pandemic resilience both in resolving the current COVID-19 pandemic and in building the public health and other infrastructure to prepare for future pandemics. People will have the ability to vote on groups of drivers that will be created by clustering the contributions in weeks 1 and 2.