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Facilitation Note 6: Week 3 Update

June 4, 2020


Dear Pandemic Supermind Activation,

Thank you to everyone who has voted thus far in week 3! We’ve already received nearly 400 votes for the clusters. If you haven’t had a chance to vote, we’re extending the deadline until Sunday, June 7th at 11:59 PM:

In addition to voting for groups of contributions, we also wanted to allow you to highlight particularly innovative and creative individual contributions within a given cluster. As we generate the final report summarizing the exercise, the clusters will help guide the outline and narrative flow, while individual contributions that the supermind has galvanized around will be emphasized in particular. We want to ensure that these diamonds in the rough are not lost, so please spend a moment to highlight ones you think are particularly impactful!

To do this, please add a comment in the dialog box at the bottom of the cluster page and identify which individual contribution you’d like to highlight!


1) Click on a cluster and review the topic:

2) Scroll to the bottom of the cluster where the contributions are listed, and review all the contributions that sound the most impactful/interesting to you.

3) Add a comment to the cluster with the specific title of the contribution(s) you would like to highlight (probably easiest to copy and paste from the list). We’re asking you to do this both for the present pandemic and future pandemic resiliency.

If you have any questions, kindly contact myself ( or Annalyn (

Best wishes and looking forward to your continued participation!

David Sun Kong, Ph.D.