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Facilitation Note 4: Week 2 Update 

May 28, 2020


Dear Pandemic Supermind Activation,



Thank you to everyone who has participated thus far in week 2! In total, we’ve had almost 200 contributions submitted to the platform. These are the final two days to submit a contribution, so we’d love to see a final push of creativity from you all!


As a reminder, this week, we’re looking for contributions that are ideally outside of your domain expertise. If you’re comfortable within all the domain areas, we’re asking you to push your creativity even further. Please add your contributions by the end of the day Friday! (


We want to flag a few items for your attention:

  • For Validating, Sharing, and Communicating Scientific Insights, we would like to hear more contributions that touch on the issue of trust. Specifically, how do you build trust when communicating to stakeholders? Either trust between governments and citizens, scientists and citizens, or even governments and scientists.
  • For Pandemic Preparedness, we noticed that a number of you touched on the issue of global cooperation. To build on this, we would like to ask you to consider the question: How do we ensure collaboration and inclusion of communities in emerging and developing countries?
  • For next week, our third and final week of the exercise, we will organize your contributions into clusters and ask you to vote on which clusters you think are most impactful and feasible. We will send a facilitation note and begin this final phase on Tuesday, June 2nd.


Comments & Supports

We appreciate all of the comments, supports, and engagement on the platform. We’d like to ask you to continue to comment on and support other’s contributions. To give you a snapshot of the great activity that’s been happening, we’ve prepared the network analysis below. Each bubble represents a participant and the lines signify either a support or comment. We’ll continue to expand this network throughout the activity!



Kindly contact me (, or Annalyn (, if you have any questions. Thank you again for your time, energy, and thoughtful participation!




David Sun Kong, Ph.D.