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Facilitation Note 3: Week 2

May 25, 2020

Dear Pandemic Supermind Activation, 
Welcome to Phase 2/Week 2 of the exercise! Thanks so much to everyone who has participated thus far—in total, we’ve had more than 160 contributions submitted covering a diverse array of topics. Fantastic work so far—it has been inspiring to see so many creative and thoughtful ideas!
If you’d like to see general themes discussed over the week, here is a word cloud summary:  
During Phase 2, we would like you to submit contributions that are within domain areas you are less comfortable with. If you’re comfortable within all the domain areas, we’re asking you to be even more creative. We’d love to see everyone push their comfort zones this week! 
As you will see in the Pandemic Supermind Activation site, the five topic domains are the same as last week: 

  • Diagnostics and Monitoring, 
  • Transmission Control, 
  • Therapies and Vaccines, 
  • Validating, Sharing, and Communicating Scientific Insights, 
  • and Pandemic Preparedness. 

Like last week, we would like each of you to submit a total of 2-3 new contributions during the course of this week. Of course, please feel free to submit more if you like! 
We’d also like to encourage you to comment on or support contributions. Explore some of the ideas that you’re less familiar with, and comment on areas of opportunity/gaps that you potentially see. Remember to also return to your contribution or comment to see if someone has responded.  
Please submit your contributions to Phase 2 by the end of the day on Friday May 29, 2020.  
Kindly contact me (, or Annalyn (, if you have any questions. Thank you again for your time, energy, creativity, and enthusiasm, and good luck in Phase 2!  
David Sun Kong, Ph.D.