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Facilitation Note 1 

May 18, 2020


Dear Pandemic Supermind Activation,

Welcome to Phase 1/Week 1 of the Pandemic Supermind Activation! During this phase, we would like you to submit contributions to the platform that are within your domain area of expertise or areas that you are most comfortable with.

As you will see in the Pandemic Supermind Activation site, we have created five topic domains with questions for you to respond to:

  • Diagnostics and Monitoring,
  • Transmission Control,
  • Therapies and Vaccines,
  • Validating and Sharing Scientific Insights,
  • and Pandemic Preparedness.

We would like each of you to identify and submit a total of 2-3 contributions during the course of this week. Please feel free to submit more if you like! Each contribution consists of a “Title,” a very short “Summary,” and brief “Description.” We realize that you could probably write a great deal about each, but during this first phase, we are looking for quantity and breadth of ideas, rather than detail and depth.

There is a likelihood that some of your contributions will overlap with other participants'. If someone has identified an insight that is almost exactly the one you thought of, then there is no need to duplicate – it’s better to suggest a different idea or comment on their contribution to stimulate discussion. But, if you have a slightly distinct take on the issue, then please go ahead and contribute it. It's better for us to have more ideas to work with in the later phases of the process, so please don't self-edit too soon.

Please ensure that all your submissions are in by Friday, May 22.

I hope that this guidance proves useful. Please let me (, or Annalyn (, know if you have any questions. Thanks again for your time and ideas, and good luck in Phase 1!

Best wishes,

David Sun Kong, Ph.D.