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Facilitation Note 5: Week 3 Introduction

June 2, 2020


Dear Pandemic Supermind Activation,

Many thanks for your contributions during the first two weeks! We received 243 contributions, had over 130 comments, and more than 350 supports. Great work! 

During this final week of the exercise, we are asking you to vote on the most impactful and feasible groups of contributions that will be most important for resolving the current COVID-19 pandemic and in building the public health and other infrastructure to prepare for future pandemics. 

Because it will be too time-consuming for you to review all of the submitted contributions, we have clustered the submissions into 15 groups by themes (via a combination of a Natural Language Processing and our own iterative analysis). On the site, you will see that these submission groups now contain a short title, a slightly longer tag-line, a description that provides more detail, and link to all the underlying contributions that we have clustered together under that theme. 

You’ll notice that there are two categories for voting: 

You’ll be asked to vote for both of these categories. When voting, please read the description and scan the underlying contributions. This will give you more detail and nuance than just the title and tag-line. The voting instructions are contained on the site, but the basic rules are: 

  • You will have 15 total votes (per category) to choose which contribution groups are most impactful and feasible.
  • You can allocate these 15 votes to any of the groups, but you cannot give more than 5 votes to any one group. 

Voting closes on 11:59 PM ET on Friday, June 5, 2020.  

Thanks so much to those who are able contribute this week. Even if you were unable to contribute in the earlier weeks, we’d love for you still to vote!

If you have any questions, kindly contact myself ( or Annalyn (

Best wishes and looking forward to your participation!

David Sun Kong, Ph.D.